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As any professional will know, having the right equipment for the job is half the task.  I've met enough chimney sweeps driving around with only a low powered vacuum cleaner and a set of drain rods to know there are some chimneys out there not being swept correctly.

chimney sweep equipment

The whole purpose of a chimney sweeps job is safety.  A good chimney sweep will reduce the risk of a chimney fire by providing a thorough sweep of your chimney and advice you on how to minimise your risk of exposure to harmful gases, such as Carbon Monoxide.  

If a chimney sweep doesn't even own the right equipment for the job, you could also question there ability to provide a  good service and the quality of the advice given (if any!).

So lets run through the basics.  


Chimney rods:

A good chimney sweep will have a wide selection of good quality rods.  These will be of varying thickness and flexibility to enable them to tackle any chimney sweep task.

Not only would you expect them to have a selection of rods, but you would also expect the rods to be well stored and maintained.

Chimney sweeping equipment
Chimney sweeping equipment
Chimney sweeping equipment

Chimney Brushes:

Again, a chimney sweep will have a selection of good quality brushes.  Brushes come in different sizes and stiffness. 

Chimney sweeping equipment
Chimney sweeping equipment

Power Sweeping whips:

I use both traditional manual sweeping and power sweeping equipment when working.  Power sweeping is performed by attaching an electric drill to the rods.  Rather than using traditional brushes when power sweeping, a chimney sweep may use power whips.  Please note, power sweeping is not always suitable.  Again a good chimney sweep will adopt the appropriate sweeping technique depending on the job in hand.

Chimney sweeping equipment

Chains and bird nest removal tools:

Where the flue has a heavy build up of creosote or there is a bird nest, specialist tools may be required.

Chimney sweeping equipment

Powerful HEPA rated vacuum:

In order to clear up all the soot and debris from a sweep, a chimney sweep should have a high powered vacuum.  The vacuum I use is also HEPA rated.  The HEPA rating means it will retain the smallest particles it vacuums up.  


I use a HEPA rated vacuum because soot particles are up to 8 times smaller than the average dust particle and highly carcinogenic.  It's no good cleaning a chimney if you only redistribute the soot around the room you're working in!

chimney sweeping equipment
Chimney sweeping equipment

Camera equipment:

One of the services I offer is a camera inspection. I use high quality record-able camera inspection set-up.

This enables me to inspect the flue but also to email you, my customer a link to the file that can be viewed at your convenience.

Foam blocks:

I use foam blocks to block the opening of the fireplace or stove when I sweeping.  They fit into any opening and prevent soot and dust entering the room during the sweep process.

As the picture shows, I store these in plastic containers so I am not carrying sooty blocks through your home.

Chimney sweeping equipment
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