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Good news! Pete from Van Dyke Chimney Sweeps covers Burgess Hill.  As a Burgess Hill chimney sweep I provide the following services.

  • Chimney sweeping Burgess Hill - all work certified and recognised by all UK insurance companies

  • Open fires

  • Multi-fuel and wood burning stoves

  • Inglenooks

  • Bird nest removal

  • CCTV camera inspections

  • Advice (it's always free!)

If you have any questions, please give me a call, or send me a message.  Pete 07376 612222

Map of Burgess Hill

Burgess Hill Chimney Sweep

Burgess Hill is a West Sussex town ideally situated on the edge of the beautiful South Downs National Park. Located between London and Brighton it is a natural home for city commuters.

The town's name originates from the Burgeys family who were known for using Burgess Hill chimney sweeps to keep their fireplaces and chimneys safe, and their name appears in early tax records. Origins of the hill part of the name are not so clear but many believe it refers to the hill on which the railway station currently stands. However, there is a Burgess Farm on a hill in the south-east of the town which could well be the original Burgess Hill.

Burgess Hill was originally called St John's Common. The majority of the modern town centre was then common land, utilised for grazing and as a source of fuel. Perhaps this is where wood was sourced for the earliest chimneys in Burgess Hill that were then swept by the local chimney sweeps of Burgess Hill.

By the seventeenth century, Burgess Hill commerce had moved on from livestock trading to brick and tile manufacture with areas of common land used for house building.  Brickmaking by hand continued in Burgess Hill until very recently at Keymer Tiles (formerly known as Keymer Brick and Tile Company).  Their bricks have been used in Sussex Chimneys since the 1600’s and many Burgess Hill chimney sweeps brushes have cleaned them

The advent of the London to Brighton Railway in 1840s was a key point in Burgess Hill’s history and development. The town’s population doubled in the subsequent ten years. Burgess Hill is still expanding fast today. There are currently a number of new housing developments under construction. Whether you are looking for a chimney sweep in Burgess Hill for an older property or a Burgess Hill chimney sweep for a new build home call Van Dyke Chimney Sweeps today.

Burgess Hill Chimney Sweep
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